Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Dog Days of Summer

Tips to Save Energy and Keep Cool During the Dog Days of Summer

  1. Raise your thermostat to 78ยบ. This is the number one way to conserve energy.
  2. When you are away from home for more than eight hours, raise the thermostat setting and you can expect to see a 1% savings for each degree of setback. This will reduce the amount of energy used to cool your home while you're away. You can learn more about your thermostat online by visiting the U.S. Department of Energy website.
  3. Keep shades closed when the air conditioner is on. Sunny windows account for 40 percent of unwanted heat and can make your air conditioner work two to three times harder.
  4. Check and clean filters. Cleaning and replacing air conditioning filters monthly allows the system to run more efficiently.
  5. Use ceiling fans. Don't underestimate the importance of ceiling fans. Moving air over the body provides a cooling effect. The use of ceiling fans can mean savings of around 25% on cooling costs and can make the temperature seem 10 degrees cooler.
  6. Make sure ceiling fans are blowing down. Most fans have a switch to change the fan direction. Make sure ceiling fans are blowing downward (in a counter-clockwise direction) to send air past your body.
  7. Run appliances with large energy use late in the evening. Use the dishwasher and clothes washer late in the evening. When used during the day, these appliances produce additional heat, causing your air conditioner to work harder.
  8. Use cold water to wash dishes and clothes. This will save on water heating costs.
  9. Unplug equipment not in use. Electric chargers, televisions and audio/video equipment use electricity and produce heat even when they are not in use. Running an older refrigerator can use up to three times the energy of a modern one. Unplug any appliance when it's not in use.
  10. Turn off lights. Turn lights off when exiting a room. Consider replacing incandescent bulbs with energy efficient compact florescent lights (CFLs). And remember to recycle CFLs whenever possible.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

It's Time for the Antelope Valley Fair!

The Antelope Valley Fair and Alfalfa Festival returns for another year of fun and thrills! With world-class performers, mouth-watering delights, and a full carnival, this fair will surely be one to remember!

The fair runs from August 16th - 25th.

Bask in the glow of the carnival lights at the Fair! With special admission discount days, a wide variety of food and drink vendors, and dozens of thrilling rides the fair is sure to have something for everybody!

Be sure to check out this year's concert series.

8/16    Collective Soul and Gin Blossoms’ “Now’s the Time Tour”
8/17    REO Speedwagon
8/18    Christian Nodal
8/19    Gabriel Iglesias “Beyond the Fluffy” World Tour
8/20    Travis Tritt and Charlie Daniels “Outlaws and Renegades” Tour
8/21    Big & Rich with Cowboy Troy “Peace, Love, and Happy Hour Tour” and Williams & Ree

Click HERE to buy tickets.  Tell them the folks at GCC Partners sent you!